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Winter programme for 2018 - 2019

All meetings will be held in the Lochgilphead Community Centre at 7.00pm

25 October 2018

AGM followed by  ‘Wildlife of Orkney’    David Wood ornithologist

29 November 2018

Our Place in Time: delivering Scotland’s historic environment strategy

on the National Forest Estate             Matt Ritchie (FCS Archaeologist)

13 December 2018

‘Lichens and Bryophytes of Argyll’    Stan Phillips (Scottish Natural Heritage)

31 January 2019

'Stories from the Argyll Papers'          Alison Diamond, Archivist for Argyll Estates

28 February 2019

Cottage life in 18th century Scotland     Fi Martynoga: an environmental activist, journalist, museum researcher, and a renowned figure in Scottish nature, history, sustainability and food circles.      Bemoaning the evils of the modern diet, Fi was challenged to prove her claim that people in Scotland ate better 200 years ago than they do now. For a full year she immersed herself in the 1790s lifestyle of her rural ancestors. She made her own clothes, ate from her garden and the countryside, learned lost crafts and skills, and endured dark, cold winter nights with only a small fire and a candle for warmth and light.

28 March 2019

'Life in the Atlantic Rainforest'                Pete Creech, Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation.